The Megadog organistation staged it's first event since 2001 to celebrate the passing of 30 years since a group of friends had the idea to run a regular club night at an obscure venue in North London. Following a handful of tentative one-off psychedelic events staged between 1984 and 1986 under the moniker of 'Dead Dog Promotions', the group finally settled on the name 'Club Dog'.

Club Dog ran as a weekly multimedia event featuring a miriad of live acts, performance artists, films, projections and DJ's for 7 years from September 1986 before slowly mutating between 1991 and 1993 into the travelling psychedelic dance music extravaganza Megadog.

The legendary live electronica, dance music and performance event toured to venues all over the UK and Europe throughout the 1990's hosting performances by many of the era's key electronic music innovators and coming to roost every month at residencies at The Rocket in North London and the Manchester Academy.

2500 people made it to the sell-out 30th anniversary show at the Manchester Academy on November 21st, 2015 for a night of live performances from past Megadog stalwarts Dreadzone, Eat Static and System 7, classic sets from Megadog's original DJ's Michael Dog and Templehead along with MC T Bag, circus performance from The Curious Company, Worldwalker and The Divine Company, eye-popping lighting design by The Coloursound Experiment and video projections by VJ's Peeka, Eefee and Antonio Pagano.

The whole event was captured from start to finish by Jake from Smiley's GoPro Videos who managed to condense 7 hours into 18 minutes to produce this snapshot of an amazing night....

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A big thank you to everyone who was there for bringing such positive energy and to everyone who ever came to a Club Dog or Megadog event over the years....we couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you!


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Megadog at Manchester Academy date list










Promo video for the 30th anniversary show.


Lights in a Fat City live at Club Dog, London 1990.  

Timeshard live at Megadog, Brixton Academy, London 1995.  

Timeshard live at the Megadog tent, Phoenix Festival circa 1995.  

The Oroonies live at Club Dog, London circa 1989.

Treatment live at The Mad Dog's Tea Party, Shoreditch Town Hall, London 1991.


A short Club Dog promo from 'O1 For London' circa 1990.

Ozric Tentacles soundcheck at The Mad Dog's Tea Party, Shoreditch Town Hall, London 1991.

Megadog's 10th birthday party from 'The Beat' 1995.

Megadog's 10th birthday party from 'BPM' 1995.

Megadog in Tokyo 1996.

Manchester Megadog circa 1995.

Banco de Gaia live at Megadog, Brixton Academy, London 1995.

Timeshard live at Megadog, Brixton Academy, London 1995.

Eat Static live at Megadog, Brixton Academy, London 1995.

Children of the Bong live at Megadog, The Junction, Cambridge 1995.  

 Nukli live in the 'Poodle Lounge' at Club Dog, London circa 1987/88.

System 7 live at the Megadog Midi Circus show at Glasgow Arches, 1993

with MC TBag and DJ's Michael Dog (before) and Charlie Hall (after).


Treatment live at Club Dog's 'Mad Dog's Tea Party', Shoreditch Town Hall, London. March 1991.

Zero Gravity take over the side room at Megadog at The Rocket, Holloway Road, London 1994.

The Grid playing live at Megadog at The Rocket, Holloway Road, London 1994.

Megadog at The Rocket, Holloway Road, London. 29/1/1993 with Pentatonic, Sunscreem, The Sandals and Tribal Drift

Megadog at the Manchester Academy, 11/2/1995 with Suns of Arqa, Innersphere and Full Moon Scientist

A very short film about Megadog filmed at Brixton Academy, 1995

Viv Akauldren live at Club Dog 6/7/1990


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